"I really give Misha, who plays Castiel, a lot of credit. What a pleasure this guy has been both to work with and what he brings to the show. He just came in for the audition for the angel and was so complicated, and brought this innocence to the role, and all of this different dimension. We just knew he was lightning in a bottle, and sure enough the fans have really responded to him in a way they’ve responded to no other guest star on the show. We ended up snatching him up—he’s gonna be a regular. We just knew what we had in our hands, and he’s just been such a gentleman and a pleasure to work with." - ERIC KRIPKE

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I think with meg it was curiosity more than anything (I'm still confused about the Meg kiss tbh. It was super random.) with April I think it was a combination of coercion on her part and "this girl is being nice to me wow", not necessarily sexual attraction. Even when talking with Dean about it in the bar Cas was more concerned with her "niceness" than "hotness" which seems demisexual to me.


I feel like the kiss with Meg had a driving force from the incredibly dark place Cas was in at that time, where he was lost and lying and hopeless, and plus he had just been exposed to porn and felt arousal presumably for the first time. But it was Meg who kissed him, really, and Cas who realized that it felt good and kissed her back. I always felt like the way he pushed her into the wall and kissed her that it seemed emotionally desperate, like it was a lifeline thrown out to him when he was drowning and he grabbed onto it. For all it was hot, it never seemed objectively sexual (or at least lacking in actual sexual desire) to me because he never pursued it further than that. 

With April, yeah, that’s pretty much exactly how I feel. He was in a newly human body with newly human emotions and I felt like that translated to being more easily aroused and being far more vulnerable to the way she was gentle and comforting to him. Like she seduced him far less with sex than she did with soft touches and kisses, and he seemed to just fall into that. He liked having sex, but he didn’t actually seem horny or anything, more like ‘that felt good, it was pretty cool’. Not exactly the ‘normal’ male enthusiasm over sex. 

I’m not demi- or asexual so I’m far from an authority on it, but this is definitely my headcanon for Cas. Dean seems to be the only one he truly desires.

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dude, i’m 26


dude, i’m 26

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Lupita Nyong’o as Storm

i got chills

^^^omg me tooo!

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(for DeanCas Week - Cinderella!Cas)

Dean hates these extravagant galas that his parents insist on, where young noble men and women are paraded about like cattle to be bid upon. Dean doesn’t want to be married. He’s fine on his own. And his younger brother Sam already has Jess.

"You’re going to wear the crown," his father John told him, again and again. "You need someone strong on the throne beside you."

Dean’s mother Mary always added, “Someone who will love and support you.” She would touch Dean’s cheek. “Someone to share the burden.”

"I’m strong," Dean said. "I can do it alone."

"I know you can," Mary said. "But you shouldn’t have to."


"Maybe you will find your angel at the ball," Mary said, smiling, and Dean didn’t have the heart to tell her that angels don’t exist.

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